Energy storage is one of the key factors in energy saving. This advanced technology is continually improving, becoming widely used and more efficient.

With the Battery Bank designed by TPE Services and its integration with your Solar Power System, they will together enable you to successfully manage your own energy.

Battery Storage - Electricians Perth

Battery Banks allow efficient storage of generated solar power. Energy consumption is available economically at any time of day or night, which subsequently increases independence from the public grid.

Benefits of Battery Bank energy storage:

  • Ability to continue use of electricity in your building when there is a power outage or a natural disaster.
  • Solar energy production which is not consumed during the day can be stored and used when the sun has set.
  • The peak load sharing management will discharge the batteries during peak periods and recharge them with solar energy or off peak power. This ensures your business or household reduces its consumption and results in lower power bills.
  • A dramatic reduction of your power bill and the opportunity to sell the extra, unused energy to the grid (not applicable for commercial buildings).
  • Enables independent management of your electricity usage and production.
  • Is a significant step toward reducing your usage and help to save our planet.

Battery Storage - Electricians Perth