Solar Farm

Solar farming is a great opportunity to raise the value of your land and gain energy price competitivity. However Solar Farms represent more than just an attractive investment for landholders, as they can supply electricity where large users are nearby or onsite.

Solar Farms are ground mounted with system sizes starting at 500 Kilowatt peak and no limit on capacity. In Western Australia the largest Solar Farm installation currently is 10 Megawatt (located in Greenough River about 50km south east of Geraldton in WA’s mid-west region.)


TPE Solutions is the Australian representative for Saferay, our industry partner for ground mounted solar plants. Saferay is an international leader in this field and the largest system integrator of solar plants in the world. The Saferay team has completed more than 700MW of utility-scale solar plants on five continents.

With Saferay’s experience and expertise in the design and construction of several PV Plant projects you can be assured that we are the right people to speak to, to ensure the realisation and success of your Solar Power Plant project.

Saferay Projects overview
Saferay Projects overview