Commercial rooftops are an untapped resource – they offer an opportunity to turn unused roof space into an energy-producing, revenue-generating asset through the installation of a Rooftop Solar System.

Rooftop Solar Systems are one of the most popular and affordable solar energy solutions because you are able to utilise the existing building structure and electrical system, minimising the need for additional materials normally associated with ground mount or solar carport facilities. As long-standing electricians in Perth and regional WA we understand how to use our materials and other resources efficiently.

TPE Services have designed, constructed, installed and successfully connected a number of commercial solar power projects in Perth. If you are part of a large company or organisation, wanting to implement a Rooftop Solar System but unsure how to go about it, TPE Services can help. Our team of fully qualified and registered engineers and installers can deliver the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the process, and can manage any commercial project from start to finish.

If you want to do something about your rising energy bills and have unused rooftop space going to waste, contact us at TPE Services electricians Perth on (08) 9444 1300 to take the next step and organise your Full Site Solar Energy Survey and Load Analysis.