Solar Carport – Power Generation

Solar panels Perth carport solutions will make a significant difference to power generated in WA. There are a number of compelling reasons for a company to consider implementing solar power solutions – including energy efficiency, significant cost savings, the advent of compulsory environmental certifications, and/or to achieve the objective of being perceived as a forward thinking company by implementing eco-friendly practices. However in many cases the roof surface areas available are too small to make the desired contribution.

Solar Carports offer an ideal completion solution for solar energy generation on big surfaces. And if the appropriate legal pre-conditions are fulfilled, maximum compensation for electricity fed into the grid is possible in Australia. TPE Services is a leading contributor to installing solar panels Perth wide.

TPE Services can design, construct, instal and commission a Solar Carport or Solar Trellis structure that is specifically configured to maximise solar panel coverage and alignment without sacrificing valuable parking, drive and walkway areas.

EV Battery Chargers

Rapidly advancing technologies mean that demand is expected to exponentially increase for access to Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers. Combining these charging stations with Solar Carports makes an ideal systems combination. In partnership with Schletter, our systems providers and world leaders in this field, we can assist you to develop the appropriate types of charging systems, control software, grid concepts and billing systems.

Solar panels Perth carports and electric mobility – the unbeatable combination!